You’re Wasting Your Time Trying to Make a Living from Your Blog

(Here's What to do About it)

You’re no slacker. You knew building a business from your blog would be hard work, but you were happy to do it.

“Sweat equity”, you thought. “Help your audience. Help yourself.”

You poured your heart and soul—not to mention countless hours—into each post. Then you shared that great content with everyone you knew. You repeated the process. And you waited.

You did everything right… right?

But here you are months—or even years—later and you still don’t have an audience. You’re certainly not making any money. And you can’t help but wonder, “is all this work really worth it?”

Working Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers

The internet is a busier place than it used to be.

It takes more than great content to attract an audience. You’ll have to work harder still if you want to make a living as a content marketer (the fancy, new-age term for a blogger earning a living wage).

If you’re asking yourself where you’re going to find the time to do it all, you should be.

But, there’s good news! You can make a living online without losing your whole life to work. You just have to use your time wisely and do the right things.

That’s where Agile Blogging comes in.

Steal the Secrets of the World’s Most Productive Software Engineers

For years, software engineers have been looking for a way to fit a growing workload into a standard workweek. The result is a set of tools and practices that we call Agile Development.

As an Agile Coach and a Certified ScrumMaster®, I can teach you how to cut through the cruft and get right to the work that matters.

And I’ll teach you how you can fit it all in the time you have.

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